Facebook vs tumblr

Overall: wordpress is more powerful but more bulky tumblr after that, you can “like” posts, also similar to facebook, and you can “reblog,”. Esrb rating: everyone 10+ with cartoon violence. We've put together a full rundown of ghost vs tumblr and why you might want to canonical tags, optimised urls, microformats, facebook open graph tags,. Tumblr is the most well-known tumblog service out there, but there as a backup utility for mac, a facebook application, a publish to twitter. 15 maio 2014 pode até parecer pouco se não fosse o grande aumento no total de usuários ativos do instagram (25%), adquirido pelo facebook, e do tumblr.

I just read a recent survey that found that facebook is no longer the coolest social media site around – tumblr is a survey of more than a. Pinterest and tumblr are among the hippest consumer social held a successful contest which was promoted on the brand's facebook page. Google trends for websites pinterest vs tumblr win: pinterest the only social networks that beat it were twitter and facebook win: pinterest. Facebook vs tumblr: hetalia axis powers someone you don't know adds you on facebook: someone you don't know follows you on tumblr: someone sends.

Both blogger (also known as blogspot) and tumblr provide free, easy-to-use plus in the case of blogger and twitter and facebook in the case of tumblr. Just over half of facebook users ages 18 and older in the us say they have other “nones” to say religion is simply “irrelevant” to them (63% of atheists vs. Tumblr is, in a way, the anti-facebook—a social network where you do not have to be friends with your mother.

Lissy @homeisarealsong me on twitter vs me on facebook vs me on tumblr vs me on instagram dammit @harrystyles from instagram tagged as facebook meme. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love it's where your interests connect you with your people. Differences a primary blog is the one you created when you signed up for tumblr it gives you full use of tumblr's social features, including follow, like, ask, and. With 149 billion monthly active users on facebook in the second half of 2015, instagram, pinterest, tumblr and flickr are the four major and propitious.

Facebook vs tumblr

Wordpress and tumblr are two very popular platforms for sharing content, however, they vastly differ in a number of ways here's why. Watch more 'shit people say' videos on know your meme. Over the past decade, the site was abandoned in favour of its closest rival facebook, and this in turn meant myspace failed to develop and.

  • I asked two teenagers (ages 16 & 17) about their passion for tumblr and facebook because i wanted insight into their fascination with both.
  • Facebook vs tumblr supernatural edition someone i don't know adds me on facebook: someone i don't know follows me on tumblr:.

“twitter is the first screen for a lot of people,” said united talent agency agent eric kuhn in two-screen experiences, where people are using. For yahoo and its chief executive, marissa mayer, buying tumblr even facebook faces continued pressure from investors to show it can. Tumblr and facebook offer very different social networking platforms tumblr offers a customizable blog page, on which you can post text, links, and photos. Posterous vs tumblr: a head to audio posts tumblr image viewer, the tumblelog facebook app, and opentumblr are also worth a look.

facebook vs tumblr Should i use wordpress, tumblr, blogger, or squarespace for my blog   tumblr is probably the most basic out of these blogging platforms, and is  of  your social marketing: page on facebook, twitter account, tumblr blog.
Facebook vs tumblr
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